«We either find a way or make one.»



For entrepreneurs

You have started your software business many years ago, successfully developed a software product, attracted reputable reference customers and reached critical mass. We have an enormous respect for what you have accomplished until today.

At this stage, you might want to further improve the transparency and scalability of your business, expanding your operations, managing international growth, and reaching your short and long-term financial goals, attracting investors and strategic buyers, accomplishing substantial equity and/or debt fund raisings, diversify your assets by getting some money behind the firewall for yourself today and create stellar strategic options for your company and its owners over the next couple of years.

This is where fronttrail steps in. Through our software industry focus we are able to provide value beyond financial expertise and growth capital to companies that have chosen to work with fronttrail.

Very early on, starting with the due diligence process, we will together identify key strategic issues such as positioning, value proposition and product differentiation, staffing key individuals, sales and marketing issues, strategic alliances, international roll-out, add-on acquisitions and exit route, allowing you and fronttrail to maximize the full potential of your business.

For investors

As an accredited investor, your direct investment operations serve as a core or add-on to your overall private equity portfolio or broader alternative investments strategy, you wish to deploy €20-200m into selected primary and/or secondary direct technology investments over 3-5 years with average deal commitments of €1-20m, and furthermore, you aim for a consistent return profile of 3-5x cost and more per investment over 3-5 years with a balanced portfolio approach.

This is where fronttrail can provide you with unique access to a steady flow of superb investment opportunities through our pro-active deal generation and software industry network, before they become mainstream. We create concrete deal opportunities for our investors by our ability to establish a rapport with founders and management in regard to becoming a potential co-owner of the business, we deliver comprehensive investment documentation based on thorough due diligence and deep market insight, we provide solid protection of principal capital through prime deal structuring and operative de-risking and perform strong value creation and return on investment by active deal involvement until exit.

fronttrail delivers comprehensive quarterly reporting vis-à-vis its investors in accordance with Invest Europe 2018 reporting guidelines and IPEV 2018 valuation guidelines. The annual reports and financial statements of our fund vehicles are being audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

For advisors

At fronttrail, we endorse an open door policy for M&A and corporate finance advisors, industry executives, sales & marketing personalities, specialized consultants, auditors, accountants and lawyers who are active in our overall software growth capital universe.

Due to our software industry specialization, work transparency, open communication and business experience, we can act swiftly in assessing and evaluating a potential opportunity or deal, carrying out due diligence and in completing the transaction.


We appreciate you contacting us and look forward to discussing a potential cooperation with you and/or how we can be of value to your clients.